Tuesday, February 16, 2010

this blog is moving to wordpress

Just in case you do read the blog from RSS or Google reader take note it's moving / has moved to wordpress. The full blog address is http://blabinteractive.wordpress.com, however you can always subscribe to the masked address: blabinteractive.com

No offence to blogger. It is a simple service which works. However, some of the additional features of wordpress do make your blogging part-time hobby easier to handle.

Thanks for following.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking stock of the 'clog'

If you've read my previous BLAB then you would know what I am speaking about. I see little value in one directional blogs that exist to complement one's CV. They're nice to have but the with all clutter around, there is little other reason for their existence and time investment.

Hence, after more than 240 posts and 800 days of existence I'd like to take stock of who reads any of these blog posts. Simply comment/ email/ RT with @karlgalea in the tweet / tag me in your facebook status.

I may even set a disclaimer of a minimum interactions before giving up on clogging!

Thanks for reading (and making this more of a clog).

Friday, January 29, 2010

"Clogging" is the new blogging

Why do people blog, tweet or join a network for that matter? Some join because they'd like to have something to say, others really do have something to say and the rest just enjoy joining in.

If your blogging is about attention seeking there is harsh competition in the Attention Economy and you will soon realize that with all the other attention seekers (coupled with the great information clutter), you're in for some hard work.

If your blogging is about what you have to say, rather than about you, then it's all about content. Great content could make some noise.

Finally, there's 'Clogging', it's the new way of 'blogging', unrestricted to the blogging media. In essence, it is when the community blogs. In the latter type of blogging, neither the blogger and nor the content is at the centre. It's the community that makes or breaks it.

Clogging is not limited to blogs. Yes Clogging does happen when a community of people decides to set up a blog, however clogging also happens when anyone ReTweets, Tags, Likes or Diggs content. Suddenly it becomes an online discussion, a clog! Over the past year my clogging increased and my blogging...it's irrelevant to you and me what happened of my blogging career.

So in conclusion, if you want to add some value to this blog...help me make it a good clog, else it's only worth some time of attention and possibly a good post.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How design driven are we?

In 2007 I read 'Design' by Tom Peters and his Essentials Series. Back then, I had bought the book simply because it carried the term 'design' on its cover, in big bold type. 3 years down the line I realize that the best creative people are not those doing 'creative' work but the others who manage to be creative in the coldest of 'office jobs'. The latter manage to turn a boring job into a 'design' oriented career. From the likes of Steve Jobs to the smallest self-employed business that manages to change 'the way we do things'. This presentation is a good taster and a useful reminder.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Blabs of the Day

Some BLABs that managed to make it through the clutter of the first 5 days of 2010:

Google launches Nexus One

Apple acquires Quattro

Trendwatching.com issues January Trend Briefing

A decade in review by AP (via @Phaoloo)

Do you live social? (via @AlexGrech)

What we can learn from the Top 10 Viral Videos of 2009

Yet another attempt at monetizing content...through twitter:

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rants about wasted advertising space

With the holiday season round the corner, much of our marketing budgets will go to the Christmas and NYE's campaigns. I will not go into the the topic of commercialization of the holiday season, and the advertising clutter it brings with it, however, a drive around the island and a scan of the local print and online advertising initiatives makes you shout at the 'Wasted Advertising Space'

Rant #1: If it is ok for the newspaper on Sunday, it is not ok for the long-standing billboard throughout December
Basic marketing rules state that an outdoor banner should not contain more than 5 words. I will be counting the paragraphs of text and essays which some of our billboards feature.

Rant #2: If it is ok for the newspaper, it is not ok for the dynamic online space

Better use of the online space hints at making the most of what the medium provides. We sometimes limit our websites to a passive information catalog. The result is as simple as the passive medium: passive response (if any)

Rant #3: An out-dated message implies an out-dated brand

With all the advertising messages we get to watch/listen to each day, the out-dated once are the most undesirable for both consumer and brand. Let's count the out-dated advertisements in January!

Rant#4: It's a holiday not a trade fair

Yes we have targets, yes it is THE season, but it is not all about your brand. Really and truly it is never about your brand, so if you intend to shout out loud, keep your audience in mind.

Enough rants for the week. Back to positive thinking!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Today is MoMo day for the 2nd time in Malta

I will be attending the second round of MobileMondays. The first round saw the launch of the MoMo chapter in Malta, two interesting presentations and some quality networking time.

The second edition of MoMo in Malta will see yet another good speaker and a showcase of a Business Project. I hope to have some time to review the 2nd MoMo in some more details.

More information about MoMo at this link: http://www.momomalta.org/